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Top Holiday Gifts for Diabetics

There's nothing like giving the loved one in your life a gift that brings them joy and makes their day to day easier. MBK has compiled a list of Top Holiday Gifts for Diabetics to make your gifting easy.

MBK's Top Holiday Gift Suggestions

Of course recommend a cozy set of pajamas designed for Type 1 Diabetics, here are some other diabetic specific companies we really admire, not to mention they're all founded by T1Ds.

Sugar Medical

Sugar Medical designs stylish functional accessories that are both durable and practical for daily life with diabetes. If you know someone with diabetes who is always on the go, this gift is perfect for them! Sugar Medical sells glucose meter supply cases, omnipod supply cases, insulated travel bags, backpacks & purses and silicone cases & covers.


Joydays provides low glycemic, better-for-you snacks that are still packed with those classic flavors you know and love. JoyDays sells chocolate chip, peanut butter and double chocolate chip cookies that have 3 grams of sugar, 5 grams of fiber, 10 net carbs, low glycemic ingredients and zero sugar alcohols!


If you're looking for a fun and creative gift, here it is! Pump Peelz offers beautifully designed CGM patches, insulin pump graphics and apparel. Their slogan is "You Device, Your Fashion." Pump Peelz sells medical device stickers, patch tapes, apparel and more.

Skirt My Pump

Wearable medical devices can be almost impossible to wear with a skirt or dress. A formerly frustrated T1D and insulin pumper designed a slip so she could easily wear skirts and dresses with her insulin pump. The SkirtMyPump slip is available in 6 sizes, is offered in either black or white fabric, ships worldwide and has nothing but 5/5 star reviews.

US News Gift Guide

US News and World Report recently came out with their own list of top holiday gifts for people with diabetes. They mention gifts for relaxation, jewelry with a purpose, treats, cooking appliances and clothing for people with diabetes from MBK! Can you believe it?!

If you'd like to read the full article, just click below!

Gift Guide for Diabetics

Earlier this holiday season, we launch a 2022 Gift Guide for Diabetics! This was a collaborative effort among new brands and veteran brands (many of which were innovated by people with diabetes.) All have one common goal: to make life with diabetes easier.

The gift guide is packed with discounts from 8 different diabetic specific brands. To view this gift guide and gain access to all of its discounts, just visit the gift guide page below.

As always, if you have any questions about what makes MBK's diabetic clothing so special, feel free to reach out or visit the below article to learn more. Happy Holidays!

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