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And thank you for stopping by!  Your time and interest are appreciated.  Here is our story...

My Story

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  As anyone who is living with this chronic illness demands attention.  Pursing a full time career, living an active lifestyle, raising a family and learning how to live with diabetes...there were many adjustments to learn and make!  And with diabetes, these adjustments often come moment by moment.

It is clearly a blessing to live in an age with all the advances of modern medicine which include insulin pumps and glucose monitors.  No T1 would be alive without these advancements.  That said, they come with their challenges.  For me, I found the experience of wearing an insulin pump and the associated glucose monitors particularly uncomfortable in certain garments.  Over the years, I've adapted my clothing to accommodate a more comfortable experience.  So, that has led me to my commitment to help other T1's solve this problem.  Thus...  

A line of clothing to help people living with diabetes live more comfortably with the the devices which are essential to life.  Loaded with pockets and secure areas to clip your solve a problem, support the needs of people with diabetes and build a supportive community while do this.

Join me in this journey to help design the best sleepwear ever for people with diabetes and build a community that inspires!



Mary Beth   

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