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Insulin Pump Pocket Sleepwear: Designed for Uninterrupted Sleep

According to the National Library of Medicine, “It has been estimated that life with type 1 diabetes requires an astonishing number of health-related decisions, even estimated at about 180 per day.”

Ever heard of decision fatigue? If you’re living with type one diabetes, know that you had to make nearly 200 extra decisions today and it’s okay to feel tired.

This exhausting factor, among many others, led Mary Beth Kohart, founder of MBK, to create pajamas designed specifically for people with diabetes - we need excellent sleep.

These pajamas are designed with an uninterrupted night’s sleep in mind. We like to call them, insulin pump sleepwear, because they manage your insulin pump at night, so you don’t have to.

Insulin Pump Pocket Clothing

So what is insulin pump pocket clothing?

MBK’s insulin pump sleepwear manages your insulin pump at night with deep pockets and welts inside each pocket for your tube to move freely while still staying close to you.

If you’re used to sleeping at night with your pump next to you, or tucked away in your clothing, it can be uncomfortable. Your tube may move throughout the night or might not be easy to locate throughout the night. How often does your tubing and pump wake you up while you sleep?

Manage Your Insulin Pump at Night

With MBK’s insulin pump pocket pajamas, your tubing can go through welts in the pajamas so that it can flow freely between you and the pocket where your insulin pump is stored. If you need to locate your insulin pump in the middle of the night, it’s tucked safely in one of the pajama’s 10 deep internal and external pockets.

Why 10 Pockets? Everyone sleeps differently. If you’re a side sleeper, like sleeping on your back, or even toss and turn throughout the night, our multiple different pockets let you find where you can store your pump comfortably.

Have any questions about the comfort of insulin pump sleepwear? Just email us at

Insulin Pump Pocket Pajamas by MBK Wear who creates pajamas for people with diabetes
Insulin Pump Pocket Pajamas

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