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The First Steps of the MBK Journey

Hello Friends and Family!

I’ve been on a journey to determine if other diabetics have the same concern as me regarding the comfort of their clothing and wearing insulin pumps/CGM's. And, if so, to design a solution that accommodate the needs of diabetics who depend on insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

Along the way, I hope to create a community that encourages, inspires and engages in a dialog on how to make things better. A community that values getting things done, doing it in style, learning and never letting diabetes slow us down from enjoying the beauty and joy of this adventure called life!

The Journey Begins...

Let's hit the road and tell the story of how MBK is coming to life! Why create a clothing line for diabetics? Diabetics know, daily living with with diabetes is a challenge. And wearing an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) has its challenge too. Namely....where is the most comfortable and accessible spot to put them? Waistbands don't support all the devices, pockets are not big enough, and burying your pump under clothes is not ideal.

So, I kept thinking, is something out there that can help? What garments are other diabetic having troubles with? For me, it was pajamas and the interruption to my sleep. While some clothing has adequate pockets, sleepwear never does.

Okay, when I say engage in a dialog, I mean it! What do you think? Take the 7 question survey linked here to let me know the garment that is the biggest challenge for you.

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