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The Answer to a Good Night's Sleep with Diabetes

Let's be honest... it's hard to get a good night's rest with Diabetes.

Like you know, one reason for a bad night's sleep is having an insulin pump or device that gets in the way.

Some people attach their devices to their clothing when they sleep while other let the devices rest in the bed next to them. Either way, it can be uncomfortable.

MBK PJs provide a solution to managing your insulin pump while you sleep. So take a deep breath and let the days of sleeping with your pump in an uncomfortable way be gone...

With over 10 pockets in MBK PJs, you'll be able to find a spot for your device that feels comfortable throughout the entire night. Each pocket comes with a sown in hole to let your tube feed through your pocket.

While sweatpants or shorts often fall down with the weight of a pump, MBK PJs have a sturdy waistband that supports your device in the time that you spend lounging before bed.

While pajamas are a great first step to better sleep, we know there are lots of components to feeling rested. Here are some other tips that we suggest for a good night's sleep:

  1. Use a GCM system that allows for softer alarm settings during the hours that you sleep.

  2. Create your own "digital curfew" so you put your electronics away long before it's time for bed.

  3. Establish a nighttime routine with things like: journaling stressors, an appropriate snack or dimmed lights.

  4. Spend 30-60 minutes being active during the day so that when it comes time to sleep, your body feels ready!

  5. Avoid stress inducing things before bed like reading the news, watching a scary movie, or sending emails for a stressful job.

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Some sleeping tips for this article come from Healthline.

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