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MBK September Highlight

Welcome to MBK's Monthly Diabetes Highlight! Designed to inform you of the latest information related to living your best life with diabetes.

Diabetic Influencer of the Month: Jillian!

Find Jillian on Instagram @t1dchick. Jillian focuses on lifestyle and travel. She shares wellness information and managing diabetes while staying active, often set in the natural beauty of Michigan.

Article of the Month: Some Sugar Substitutes Affect Blood Glucose and Gut Bacteria

According to the Scientific American, sugar substitutes like stevia, saccharin or sucralose are hidden in so many of our daily foods like chewing gum, protein powders or granola bars. Do we know for certain these ingredients aren't affecting our blood sugar? Click below to find out.

Life Tip of the Month: Top 10 Fall Foods!

As the weather turns colder, learn about the fall foods that taste delicious and aid in blood sugar and weight control. Read the article here!

Event of the Month: ADCES Conference!

During August, MBK attended the ADCES (Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists) conference in Baltimore, MD. The conference was a great opportunity to learn from educators about the struggles seen in their clients, see new products/technology and get feedback on how our pj's , which btw, was super positive!

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