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January Diabetes Highlight: Is Your Pump Interrupting Your Sleep?

Welcome to MBK'sMonthly Diabetes Highlight! Designed to inform you of the latest information related to living your best life with diabetes.

Life Tip of the Month: Is Your Pump Interrupting Your Sleep?

MBK PJs give you a place for your pump while you sleep. Each PJ set has 10 pockets with welt openings for your tubing to fit through. Watch to see what better sleep looks like below!

Article of the Month: CWD EATS by Kristen O’Dell

CWD Eats provides food and nutrition information that's backed by science. In this article, Kristen talks about her relationship with food as a T1D and Registered Dietitian.

Diabetic Brand of the Month: SkirtMyPump!

Wearable medical devices can be almost impossible to wear with a skirt or dress. A formerly frustrated T1D and insulin pumper, Erin, designed this slip so she could easily wear skirts and dresses with her insulin pump.

The SkirtMyPump slip is available in 6 sizes, is offered in either black or white fabric, ships worldwide and has nothing but 5/5 star reviews.

Valentine's Day Sale!

A sweet deal for your sweetheart! All PJ Sets are $150 until 2/14! Use coupon code "VDAYSALE" at a checkout.

MBK Pajamas for people with diabetes

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