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Insulin Pump Pajamas: The Secret to Sleeping Comfortably

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Fumbling with an insulin pump isn't your average person's sleep complaint, which explains why there hasn't been a simple solution.

Until now.

Trouble sleeping at night can come from a variety of things: diet, stress, medication, etc. Harvard published an article earlier this year about the most common reasons why people don't sleep well at night.

But let's talk about solutions.

Comfortability Features

If managing your insulin pump at night is causing compromised sleep, we're here to explain why MBK pajamas provide a comfortable night's rest.

Welt Openings.

These pajamas are designed to manage your insulin pump. They have small and strategically placed welt openings within the pockets so you can integrate your tubing through the clothing. Rather you are lounging before bed or sleeping soundly, these welt openings allow your pump to glide through the pajamas with ease.

Pima Cotton

We take quality seriously. These pajamas are made with 100% breathable pima cotton (the most comfortable cotton out there!). They'll be the pajamas you don't want to take off and can't wait to get back in.

Pocket Options

Because everyone sleeps differently, we have 10 different internal or external pockets so you can place your insulin device wherever feels most comfortable to you. Name another pajama set that has 10 pockets, we'll wait.

Designed by a Type 1 Diabetic

How can you be sure these pajamas are the right choice? They were designed by a T1D who has struggled with the same sleep complications that you have! We're here to help.

Questions? Email us at:

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