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Insulin Pump Clothing

These pajamas were designed to make your life with T1 easier. By better managing your insulin pump at night, you can sleep well and attack the rest of your day with energy.

Insulin Pump Clothing with Welt Openings

Let’s introduce the pocket that changed it all. All of MBK’s insulin pump clothing come equipped with multiple pockets that have sewn openings for your tube to move freely while you sleep.

These welt openings beat any self-made slit in your normal clothing as it’s carefully sewn in with 100% pima cotton. These means your pajamas won't fray over time and your tube can always easily move as it needs to.

10 Insulin Pump Pockets!

Our pajamas sets come equipped with 10 total pockets. Yes, ten! Each pajama top has a pocket on each side. You can access the pockets from the outside of the pajama top or the inside. This additional insulin pump pocket on the inside of your PJs means you can keep your device closer to you while you sleep for easier access.

Each set of pajama bottoms has two front pockets and two back pockets. Each of these pockets also contain a welt opening for your tubing.

The last set of insulin pump pockets are located on the pajama bottoms in the front. You can access these pockets from the inside of the PJs.

Each of these pockets are deep enough for you to fit your insulin pump, phone or other monitoring device.

We hope that providing ten pocket options allows you to find what’s most comfortable for you.

Managing your Insulin Pump

Managing your insulin pump at night without proper clothing can lead to worrisome, restless sleep. Let MBK’s diabetes clothing solve your insulin pump problems at night.

A close up on the pocket's of MBK's insulin pump pajamas for people with diabetes
Access your insulin pump pockets from the inside or outside of your pajama top!

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