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An Idea Becomes a Design

Pajamas that fit my diabetic needs had become more than just an idea before I knew it.

After mulling over the idea and working with my mother-in-law on the first design, it seemed like sleepwear for diabetics could be helpful for other people too. So I took action!

This led me to Pattern Magazine, the driving force behind the Indianapolis fashion scene. Pattern magazine hosted networking events in which I connected with people who knew a lot about fashion. I started learning what it would take to launch my own clothing brand.

After doing a lot of additional research, I knew I needed some professional help. Therefore, the real first designs of the MBK empire begin in the quaint town of Tipton, Indiana with Mercurious Designs!

Cathy, pictured here, helped take the idea of a pajama with adequate pockets for diabetics and and put it into a design. Together, we worked to create my first sample.

I've learned that you can accomplish so much with a good team and Cathy was the beginning of my team!

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