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OG Men/Unisex/Teen  Pajama Set

OG Men/Unisex/Teen Pajama Set

Pajama top + pants designed specifically for diabetic adaptations. Deep external and internal pump pockets to secure all diabetic equipment. Meticulously constructed welt buttonholes allow tubes to reach your body while your pump is held securely in the pockets.  A key benefit is the top due to the weight distribution of the pump in the lower front forget you have a pump on.


For tubeless pump users, pockets accomodate phone or CGM pdm's. 

The set contains a total of 10 pockets which comfortably accommodate all major insulin pump models (up to 3.3" x 3" .9"), phones up to iPhone 13 pro (3.1"x 6.3") and CGM Pdm's.



  • Internal welt buttonhole allows pump to be threaded through garment into front, external pockets for secure, yet quick access from outside
  • Total of 4 pockets for pump, phones or pdm's which accomodate placement around body
    • Two deep external pockets with welt buttonhole and pocket flap closure.  Pocket flap closure provides secure pocket without difficult or bulky closure
    • Two deep, internal pockets allow discreet and quick placement of insulin pump without disconnection
  • Location of pockets distributes weight of pump and/or devices providing for maximum comfort allowing you to forget you have a pump or devbice on your body, as well as, rotate the pump as infusion site moves
  • Sewn in placket and yoke provide high quality construction which increase fit and structure for device weight
  • Bust has sewn in dart for increased comfort and fit (women)



  • Internal welt buttonhole allows pump to be threaded through garment into side pockets for secure, yet quick access from outside
  • Generously sized, no-roll elastic in the waistband to allow devices to clip securely
  • Drawstring closure to support the weight of devices on waistband
  • Total of 6 pockets for multiple devices and placement
    • Two deep, internal pockets for discreet device placement without disconnection
    • Two deep, exterior side pockets
    • Two deep, exterior back pockets
  • Relaxed fit provides maximum comfort for all body shapes and sizes

    Made in the USA

    100% Pima Cotton all colors

    Blue and Stripe - Model is 6' and wearing a Large

    Tartan - Model is 5'10" and wearing a Large

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