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How Do You Sleep with an Insulin Pump?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Guess how many times that question has been searched on Google?


Sleeping with an insulin pump is a common problem. In fact, it's so common that we created pajamas to accomodate people who sleep with an insulin pump. Wondering how they'll help you sleep better? Keep reading...

Pajamas for Sleeping with an Insulin Pump

MBK Pajamas are designed for comfortably and insulin pump management. They have 10 total pockets so you can keep your insulin pump close to you at all times. Each pocket is equipped with a slit so your tubing can easily slide through your PJs. You'll simply weave the tubing through the slits in the PJ pockets to your insulin pump.

These are deep pockets so your insulin pump or other device is always secure while you sleep - no fake pockets here!

Some pockets are internal, or on the inside of the PJs while other pockets are external like normal pockets on the outside of the PJs. This lets you choose which kind of pocket is most comfortable for you!

Sleeping with an insulin pump becomes much easier when your pajamas accomodate your insulin pump needs.

Comfort While You Sleep with an Insulin Pump

But are the pajamas comfortable?

The short answer is - of course! These pajamas are made in the United States with 100% Pima Cotton. The Pima Cotton is a breathable, soft and high quality fabric. We manufactured these PJs in the US so we could keep a tight eye on quality and comfortability.

The pajamas also come with a wide waistband and drawstring to ensure your insulin pump (or phone!) stays in one place. Even if you monitor you glucose levels with your phone, these are still great pajamas to keep you phone close by while you lounge or sleep.

While we can't solve the inherent highs and lows while you sleep, or your CGM system that might wake you up in the middle of the night, MBK PJs will help you keep your devices close by while you sleep.

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