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Diabetic Clothing: Live Comfortably

Any diabetic knows that wearing an insulin pump and the associated glucose monitors can be uncomfortable.

That's why Mark Beth Kohart, a T1 Diabetic, founded MBK, a line of clothing to help people living with diabetes be comfortable while using the devices which are essential to life.


Out of all daily life tasks, sleeping and lounging with insulin pumps and devices can be the most difficult.

MBK launched a line of pajamas in July of 2022. These pajamas are designed to help people with diabetes get better sleep and lounge more comfortably. Their features include:

  • Tubing can integrate through pajamas with slits in the pockets for quick access

  • Ten deep internal and external pockets per set for multiple devices and sites

  • Extra wide waistband to support weight of devices

MBK Pajamas, the first pajamas specifically for people with diabetes, allow you to manage your pump more easily while you sleep and relax.

Tubeless Pumps

MBK Pajamas are a good fit even for people who utilize tubeless pumps. Why? With 10 pockets in MBK pajamas, you can keep your device close and secure at all times.

Diabetic Gifts

People with diabetes don't have to be uncomfortable while they lounge on a Saturday morning, watch a show with their family before they go to bed, or while they sleep. MBK pajamas allow people with diabetes to sleep better while managing their devices.

MBK pajamas are the perfect gift for someone with diabetes. They're a thoughtful way to say, "I care about you!", especially around the holiday season.

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